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Why should you do a Fjord Cruise in Tromsø?

Why should you do a Fjord Cruise in Tromsø? 


Norway is famous for its beautiful fjords and unique landscapes, with mountains, nature and ocean surroundings. The country has more than 100 fjords, that you can visit by boat, on a fjord tour.

But why should you do a fjord cruise in Tromsø? This is an extremely wise way to get to know the surrounding nature of the city through a sightseeing tour, leaving Tromsø city center at 9 am, in direction to the stunning Norwegian fjords (Arctic Expedition either sails to Ramfjord, Kvalsund or Straumsfjorden, depending on where the weather is better). This is a great opportunity for photography, as you will also spot the local wildlife, such as eagles, dolphins, seals or other curious folks (we already got so lucky to spot the famous Russian beluga Hvaldimir several times during February and March 2020!), besides having a nice perspective of the city of Tromsø from the boat.

During this arctic cruise, you will also learn about the local history by visiting Olavsvern, an old Royal Norwegian Navy base, carved into a mountain and created during the Cold War, for the purpose of Norway having a secret naval base in the Arctic Circle. Our guides onboard will tell you all about its history, as well as other interesting facts about Northern Norway’s history, culture and fishing, in an English-guided polar adventure.

If you are bold enough, why not try the jacuzzi and sauna onboard two of our classic boats? MV Leone has a 40 degrees heated jacuzzi and MV Strønstad has both jacuzzi and sauna! 

As this is an all year-round product, the landscapes will be different from season to season. During the wintertime, you will also visit Ramfjord.

Back to Tromsø, after the boat trip part of this arctic adventure, you will be guided to the museum-restaurant Full Steam, where you will have a 1 hour experience, learning about fishing in Norway, why codfish is so famous around here and what happens to it after being fished. You will have a tasting experience while you learn about this all, so all your senses experience this!

See you onboard?

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