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Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions for Arctic Expedition AS

1. Terms

The order is a binding agreement as soon as you or your travel agency asks Arctic Expedition AS to confirm your order. Arctic Expedition AS is obligated to deliver the products/arrangement you have ordered, and you will be financially obligated for the order. When you confirm an order, you also confirm that you have the authority to accept on behalf of you and your travel companions. You will be obligated to make sure payment is done to Arctic Expedition for you and all your travel companions.

When you order, it is your own responsibility to make sure the reservation is correct. You are obligated to make sure that all documents are correctly filled in with names as they are inn passports for you and your companions. You will also be in charge of making sure all your companions are informed about what is ordered, and possibly changes.

For order/register for a package with Arctic Expedition AS, the person who orders has to be at least 20 years old. At least 1 of the travellers, have to be 18 years or older. If we are in doubt about the age, ID must be shown. If the age limit is not met by the start of the trip, the cancellation terms will be used.

The guest is obligated to follow rules and instructions valid for the travel/activity. The guest is responsible for damage done to Arctic Expeditions equipment or property.

Arctic Expedition AS or subcontractor has the right to deny the booking or guest mediately if the guest or someone in the guests travel companions behaves disturbing or causes damage to Arctic Expedition AS equipment, staff or property.

The guests are informed that Arctic Expedition AS can adopt its own rules and obligations, and the customer is responsible for familiarizing themselves with these.

Resale of tickets for Arctic Expedition AS is not allowed.

All passengers ensure they are fit to travel. Arctic Expedition AS reserves the right to demand documentation for this, and the company cannot assume liability for situations accruing as a consequence if the passengers has not informed about a pre-existing condition or disability. Passengers with psychic or physical disabilities that might need special assistance, ex motorized wheelchair or seeing-eye dog, have to inform Arctic Expedition about this before ordering. Passengers that require a wheelchair might need special assistance and have to be accompanied by someone that can assist them boat ashore and on the boat.


2. Complaints/Situations

Possible errors/ lacks have to be reported immediately to the responsible on spot to make sure the case can be improved as soon as possible. If you did not inform on the spot so it was possible to find a solution on the trip, to give us a chance to improve the matter, you cannot later claim refusion for this.

Arctic Expedition AS is not to be held responsible for the consequences of bad weather conditions, closed facilities or other factors out of our control. If such should happen, Arctic Expedition have the right to cancel the order.

Arctic Expedition AS has a law determined guarantee for package travel through:
Reisegarantifondet, Postboks 227, N-4001 Stavanger

We recommend all our passengers to have travel insurance in case of sickness or other circumstances.


3. Price

The final price will be shown before the booking is confirmed.
Arctic Expedition AS assume the right to change prices. Raised prices can only happen when external factors indicate it, as transport costs, taxes, expenses etc. If the price increase more than 10 %, the customer can cancel their booking with full refund. This have to be done no later than 14 days after received the new invoice form Arctic Expedition showing the increase in price.


4. Changes

If you want to change your booking after it has been confirmed, we will do our best to help you with this. We ask for your understanding that it might not always be possible. Request for changes have to be made to: info@arcticexpedition.no

The customer has the right to transfer the travel to a person that meets our requirements, if the customer is prohibited from doing the travel. The person they transfer the travel to, will then be responsible for payment, and costs for making the changes required.

Requests for change after the booking is confirmed is possible against a change fee, per person, per change. Extra costs coming as a consequent of the name change will be charged to the passenger.

If the change is done more than 35 days before departure: NOK 500, plus any additional costs occurring due to the change.
If the change is done less than 35 days before departure: Cancellation fee 10% + NOK 500, plus any additional costs occurring due to the change.
It is not possible to change the booking made in campaigns. In these cases, Arctic Expedition can demand 100% payment.

Arctic Expedition AS can cancel or change the trip without being obligated to refund, if they can document that the trip cannot be delivered as described due to changes out of our control, and that we can assume could not be anticipated when the booking was made, including medical evacuation of crew or passengers, where Arctic Expedition or someone we are in charge of could not foresee or prevent.


5. Cancellation

All cancelation has to be done in writing/by email to: info@arcticexpedition.no

For individual travellers/daytrips:
– If the cancellation is 30 or more days before arrival, the full amount will be refunded.
– If the cancellation is done 30 or less days before arrival, the amount will not be refunded.

For groups:
– Cancellation for groups/charter have to be done no later than 8 weeks before arrival.
– Partners can reduce the number of participants with as much as 20% as late as three weeks before arrival, and then 10% up to a week before arrival. Commission is calculated after such a reduction.
– Cancellations more that this will be charged the partner 25% of the cost.
– For cancellations less than a week before arrival, the full amount have to be paid.

For expedition cruise:
Days before departure: Cancellation fee in % of the total cost of the trip:
– More than 60 days before: full refund
– 60-30 days before: 50%
– Less than 30 days before or no-show: 100%

The trip is to be paid full out upon booking. If the trip is not paid for, Arctic Expedition has the right to cancel the order.

If one or more persons in the same cabin is cancelled, Arctic Expedition has the right to change the cabins for remaining person(s) and change the price as such.

Bookings ordered with campaign prices, will be charged 100% and is not refundable.

If you have to cancel your travel for reasons covered by your travel insurance, you have to apply to your insurance company for the refund yourself.


6. Privacy Information

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7. Other

Arctic Expedition AS makes reservations about possible typos, price changes and information on our website.

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