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Fjord cruises in Norway

Norway is a country known for many things: codfish, its nature and landscapes, but specially the Norwegian fjords! What better way than to do a fjord cruise in the fjords of Norway? Arctic Expedition has several trips where you can experience this: From Lofoten, with our Sightseeing & Shuttle Boat during the summer, to Tromsø with our all year Fjord Cruise & Cultural Heritage, or even our Northern Lights Cruise, in the evening, among many others!

Discover the amazing fjords of Norway

The word “Fjord” is highly known and connected to Norway. And we have a lot of them! Along the Norwegian cost, there are more than a thousand fjords. But why are they so astonishing? Many say that it is because they bring you back to a past, where nature ruled and was untouched and people lived solely from agriculture and cattle. Many say that it is because it is still the same landscape from the Viking times, that used to live in the steep mountains, surrounded by wild nature.

These fjords can be visited by doing a multiple days cruise along the Norwegian coast, or, if you are short on time, some cities in Norway also offer the possibility of one day cruises alongside the Norwegian fjords: you will have an unforgettable experience during a day, without worries, without the need of renting a car, and stress-free while enjoying fjords that will show you amazing views, many times inaccessible by car!

Whether it is a reason or another one, it is certain that they take away your breath with its beauty and majesty. It is worth a visit. Or maybe part of your bucket list?

Our fjord cruises and boat tour packages

Arctic Expedition has a lot of fjord cruising tours, according to your wishes: In Tromsø and Lofoten, during the Summer and Winter!

If you plan on going to Lofoten, during the summer, we have our daily tour Sightseeing & Shuttle Boat and our live aboard product: Hike & Bike (7 days onboard).

If you plan on going to Tromsø, we have our all year trip Fjord Cruise & Cultural Heritage and our winter daily tour Northern Lights Cruise.

If you wish to do a multiple day cruise during the winter time, we will soon have available our Arctic Fjords & Northern Lights cruise, between Tromsø and Narvik, with amazing activities included!

If you are a Ski lover, you can charter one of our boats with a group of friends or with your family and go on a Ski by Boat trip (7 days onboard – full charter of the boat and crew), in Tromsø, Svalbard or where you wish!

See our fjord tours

The best fjord cruising destinations

Fjord cruises in Tromsø

Arctic Expedition offers you a wide variety of fjord cruises/ boat tours: you can see the northern lights during the night (during winter, with our Northern Lights Cruise), the midnight sun (during summer), the beautiful fjords and arctic landscapes (all year round with our Fjord Cruise & Cultural Heritage), the arctic nature such as the whales that visit us every year (with our Fjord Cruise and Whale Safari!), among other trips.

If you are a ski lover, you also have the opportunity to charter one of our boats wherever you want and for how long you want, together with your family or with a group of friends, and live and eat onboard one of our boats, skiing during the day and relaxing in the sauna or spa in the evening (check our Ski by Boat charter opportunity).

If your life dream is to dive with whales in Tromsø, that is also possible with us! Check our Diving with Whales Live Aboard product, we have amazing 7 days to offer you onboard our vintage boat Strønstad, where you will dive closely with these amazing mammals (orcas and humpback whales).

Fjord cruises in Lofoten

If you are visiting Lofoten Islands during the summer, we have a very complete daily tour: Lofoten Sightseeing & Shuttle Boat. This is a one day tour, leaving Svolvær in our catamaran Aurora Explorer, with capacity for 144 customers. There will be several stops: Henninsvær, Ballstad, Nusfjord, Reine and Å. On the way back to Svolvær, we will stop in the same places. Our guests can leave in one of these places on the way down, and join us again on the way up back to Svolvær. There is the option of just going one way. This is a great opportunity to see all that the Lofoten Islands’s landscapes has to offer in one day!

The boat can carry bicycles, kayaks or fishing material, and guiding in English is included, such as coffee, tea and biscuits (customers can also purchase small meals like hot dogs, waffles and expedition meals).

If you are a sport lover, we also have a summer 7 days living onboard Hike and bike trip, with all meals included, in our boat Strønstad, with jacuzzi and sauna onboard! This is an amazing trip with the purpose of biking and hiking in Lofoten while sailing and sleeping on a boat!

Things to experience on a fjord tour

See the incredible norwegian wildlife

Having a Fjord Cruise boat trip is almost a mandatory experience you should take while being in Norway! You will feel your breath being taken away while you discover the beautiful scenarios, amazing mountains with snow, incredible landscapes and remarkable scenarios that will make you want to move here! After all, Tromsø is indeed a very special place that impresses who comes here!

Spectacular landscapes and mountains

There is so much wildlife in Norway that you can spot during our fjord trips! From sea eagles, to dolphins, whales, seals, reindeers, puffins, moose, among others. If you travel to Svalbard in our Sky By Boat charter, you will have the probability to spot polar bears, arctic foxes, walruses, belugas and many different types of birds!

See the incredible Norwegian wildlife

During the winter (from October to April) we have a daily tour, our 4h Northern Lights Cruise will bring you from Tromsø city center, far from the city lights, so you can experience the aurora borealis as you have never in your life! We guarantee you that it will be a lifetime memory! There is also jacuzzi onboard of two of our boats and guiding in English, coffee, tea and biscuits are included!

Local history and cultural heritage

By taking our Fjord Cruise and Cultural Heritage, after the boat trip you will be guided to the museum-restaurant Full Steam, where you will learn it all about the culture of codfish: from the moment of fishing, to the factories to be cleaned and ready to be sold, the history behind it, from the times when children were paid to cut the tonges of the codfish. While listening to all of this, you will also have the opportunity to taste some codfish delicacies to open your appetite!

Fjord cruises with jacuzzi and sauna

Two of our boats have jacuzzi and sauna onboard! Strønstad (maximum 30 customers in a daily trip) has a heated outdoor jacuzzi and a sauna that you can use for free and Leone (maximum 12 customers in a daily trip) has a heated outdoor jacuzzi waiting for you, while you enjoy the trip! Just bring your swimwear and we will provide you towels for free!

A jacuzzi

Combine skiing with fjord cruising

For the ski lovers, this is your trip! When chartering our boats for a Ski by Boat trip, we guarantee you moments of fun, adrenaline and excitement! The level of difficult will always be adapted to the wishes of our groups, but for sure it is a remarkable experience skiing through the mountains, from the top and experiencing the magnificent fjords during this trip!

Combine hiking and biking with fjord cruising

In our 7 days Hike and Bike trip, in Lofoten, you will have the opportunity to be as close as possible to the Nature! You will stay/ sleep and eat onboard and during the day you will hike and bike in the beautiful summerish landscapes of Lofoten, enjoying the fresh air and the flowering mountains, while doing some physical exercise. In the evening you can relax in the sauna and jacuzzi onboard the boat!

Book a truly unique arctic fjord experience

For booking or more information about us, you can consult our website, send us an email to info@arcticexpedition.no or give us a call to +47 918 00 000.

We will be glad to help you and reply to all of your questions! You can also chat with us in our instant chat in our website or in our Facebook page Arctic Expedition 😊

Frequently Asked Questions

What languages are the tours available in?

All our tours have English speaking guides. In our Expedition Cruises, our Expedition Leader is also a German Native! For our daily trips, our guides speak other languages, apart from English: Italian, Russian and Lithuanian.

Do you offer day cruises and multiple day cruises?

Yes, we have several day cruises in the Tromsø and Lofoten areas and we will very soon have a multiple day cruise, starting in October, between Tromsø and Narvik: our Arctic Fjords & Northern Lights cruise! It is still being developed, but we can guarantee you that it is full of activities such as Whale watching, northern lights chasing, several optional visits like visiting an ice hotel, going dog-sledding, among other exciting surprises, with all meals included and several types of cabins for you to choose!

What things will I need to pack for my trip?

We suggest you to come prepared for all types of weather, since here the weather can change very fast, whether you are traveling to the south or to the north of Norway. If you are coming during the summer, bring trainers (if you will hike, bring good hiking shoes), a wind and water-proof jacket, a warm wool sweater (for colder nights/ days – we recommend wool thin underwear as well), sun glasses, sun cream, shorts and beach wear, if you will have opportunity for that (or maybe a Nordic spa or sauna?).
If you are planning on visit us during the winter, be prepared for the snow: wool is the solution! Wool underwear (t-shirts, underwear pants, sweatshirts, sweaters,…), gloves, thick wool socks, waterproof and warm boots, scarves, wool beanies and a good, thick, water proof jacket!

Can I book a fjord tour with accommodation included?

If you are planning on doing a one day tour with us, we are not ready yet to have accommodation included in the package. However, we will soon have available our multiple day cruise (Arctic Fjords & Northern Lights cruise), with everything included: meals, accommodation and many activities, you don’t have to worry about anything!

When is the best time to visit Norway for a fjord cruise?

Every time during the year is a good time to visit the Norwegian fjords! There is a different magic during Winter (beautiful mountains covered with fresh white snow) and during the Summer (everything is extremely green with flowers and you have the midnight sun phenomena in the north of Norway!).

Is it possible to arrange transportation from/to the cruise ship?

We don’t have pick up/ drop off services. However you don’t actually need it, as our boats are located very centrally inside the city center in Tromsø and Lofoten, 10 minutes maximum walking from the majority of hotels!

Is there on board WI-FI available on every cruise ship?

There is not Wi-Fi onboard our daily tours but if you are traveling with us in our multiple-day cruises, then Wi-Fi is available.

Other than fjords cruising, what other activities do you recommend while visiting Northern Norway?

Northern Norway is full of amazing activities you can do, during your stay here! We definitely recommend you to try Dog-sledding and Snowmobile. If you like cultural experiences, you should try the Full Steam Experience, a tour where you will learn and taste everything regarding codfish in Norway (very special). Other than that you can also go snowshoeing, cross-country, skiing or, for the less sporty ones, you can also try some experiences with reindeers (feeding them or go on reindeer-sledding) or with the Sami people (listening to their incredible and fascinating stories and songs, learning about their lifestyle and trying their famous Bidos, a reindeer stew!).

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